• Description

• Can be Used with Remote Control Starter
• Direct Wiring to Turbo Timers
• Chrome Plated Bezel
• Manufactured in Japan

The concept of the engine start button comes from race cars, but has recently found its way to the street in cars like th eawesome Honda S2000, and the rare BMW Z8. By opening a hole in the dashboard or front panel, you can easily install this race-car style push button engine-starter switch. The switch is a large chrome-plated button outfitted with a large capacity relay to give you a sure-fire start every time. Nothing is cooler than a push button engine starter.

Features Benefits
Illumination Lamp emits highly luminous LED.
Switch Just open a φ22mm hole for easy installation.
Easy-to-Install Easy-to-install harness for turbo timers complete with couplers connected (possible to wire directly)